Douglas Furlong

26 Evelyn Court, Evelyn Walk, London, N1 7PN

Phone No. +44 (0)7787 516 804


Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile

A professional systems administrator with a heavy lean on IT Management with 10 years experience working in the IT sector, of which 7 years of working as a systems administrator. Currently a member of the senior management team of a multinational company, he has responsibility for all IT services within the UK and oversight over several key global systems.


Unix and Linux


I am a proficient Unix administrator with a history of working with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, OSX and numerous other Unix/Linux variants.

Network Services

I have frequently been responsible for the initial configuration/ migration/ ongoing maintenance of the following network services; BIND, DHCPd, Cyrus IMAPd (IMAP, POP, Secure IMAP, Secure POP, Horde webmail infrastructure), OpenLDAP, NFS, Samba, ssh etc.

Administration/ Network Monitoring

Including the usual requirements for general system administration I have also been instrumental in implementing backup routines in my previous companies using various methods, and comprehensive network monitoring using SNMP and MRTG, Cricket and Nagios.



Maintained firewalls based on the ip access-lists, VPN Configuration to other routers or Pix Firewalls (IPSec, shared secrets IKE), Creating multiple networks and maintaining a firewall between them. Dial in server (ISDN and Analogue)

Network monitoring & general configuration

2948g Switches, Configuration of Basic VLANS on a 2948G switch, Nominal configuration and monitoring of a Cisco 2948g switch

PIX Firewalls

In my most recent position I’ve been responsible for maintaining firewalls in numerous locations around the world.

Microsoft Windows


I’ve utilised numerous methods for backing up NT servers including the native products provided by windows a software like ArcServe, BackupExec and Bru.

MS Exchange

Initial configuration, setting up users, mailing lists, SMTP service, news groups, and the web interface.

Network Services

NT Domain controller for user verification, print servers, user shares, DHCP and WINS


Cibernet Plc London, E1 November 2004 – Present

Cibernet provides financial and data clearing to mobile phone companies worldwide. The UK arm specialises in financial settlement for the global GSM market, including reconciliation, invoice production and debt management.

IT Manager/ Senior Systems Administrator

I am the IT Manager for the UK arm of Cibernet Plc, reporting directly in to the UK Operations Director and the Global IT Director. Ltd London, SW2 March 2003 – November 2004

Firebox Ltd could best be described as the on-line equivalent of the Gadget Shop (is an on-line retailer of luxury gadgets and gifts).

Senior Systems Administrator

I was the sole person responsible for the network stability and overall network services, and all technology related purchasing.

Arthur Andersen London, TW7 2001 – 2002

Digital Solutions was an arm of Arthur Andersen that developed web applications primarily using the the Broad Vision application. Clients included Wallmart and My Travel.

Senior Systems Administrator

I was responsible for maintaining the development and test environments for the projects, as well as acting as a liaison between Arthur Andersen's network security and clients, to organise connectivity to environments within Arthur Andersen's networks.

Xpedior UK Ltd London, TW7 1999 – 2001

Senior Systems Administrator

Give an overview of my responsibilities.

iDesk Plc London, NW9 1997 – 1999

iDesk Plc specialised in providing telephone helpdesks to ISP's and virtual ISP's. In addition to this they provided specialist support to small businesses that were unable to support an internal helpdesk.

Systems Administrator

Business Call Centre Technician


I have recently purchased a property with my partner and am going through the phase of “renovating”, I currently expect to be enjoying this particular task for years to come. When I'm not failing to renovate, I enjoy cycling in the summer, reading books, and catching up with my friends when I have a chance.